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Consulting for game theory

A change of perspective for your company strategy. Actively manage disruption with game theory.

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Welcome to the 21st century. A Procurement process designed by TWS Partners helps you to change the impact of sourcing decisions in your company.

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The role of Procurement within organisations must change.
Our white paper explains the necessary steps to unlocking the potential of your Procurement department.


We are the only company worldwide which exclusively and successfully uses game theory and industrial economics to improve business performance. And perhaps we are the right company for you to start your professional career.



TWS Partners “on stage” at the Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress

Today, on 29 June 2017, TWS Partners becomes CIPS‘ exclusive knowledge partner for game theory.

The partnership will offer a number of materials in various formats from printed to video content and at launch there will be several pieces available on what is game theory, how game theory can be used in business, a...

On 12 July at the 13th Handelsblatt CFO conference, Marcus Schreiber, CEO of TWS Partners, will be presenting the potential of game theory as a strategic success factor. In his talk at this summit conference for chief financial officers, he will detail how game theory can help develop disruptive business mechanisms and...