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Why TWS Partners?

Why TWS Partners?

At TWS Partners your knowledge of game theory is more than a ‘nice to have’, it’s a core skill

TWS Partners was founded in Munich in 2001 by entrepreneurs from industry and scientists from LMU Munich. It was our goal from the outset to use methods derived from Nobel Prize-winning research in the field of game theory to improve business performance. This remains our driving force today. Are you passionate about game theory too?

If so, you can help us to combine scientific findings from the fields of game theory and industrial economics with the demands of leading international organisations.

Interpreting data, developing solutions and acting decisively are all part of our everyday life here at TWS Partners and perhaps will soon be part of yours too. Our approach achieves optimum results for our clients, who find themselves in complex negotiations as part of Procurement projects, M&A activity or sales-related projects.

"Open to new talent and ideas"

Interview with
Marcus Schreiber,
Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer

“We began with the idea of making the fascinating approach of game theory useful for broad application in industry. Through diligence, we’ve succeeded in developing a solid, sustainable business model. We’re the only consulting firm which focuses entirely on employing and improving this methodology. We now have more than 70 specialists in Munich and London successfully implementing projects for leading companies in all key industrial sectors, including Automotive, Electronics and Pharmaceuticals. Even though most of us have an academic background, we’re far from a mere ‘brain tank’. Quite the contrary: we see ourselves mainly as ‘doers’. It’s a real asset to understand something perfectly in theory, but our clients value our pragmatic method of putting theory into practice and the way we put our hearts into our projects. We support them from conception through to the final negotiations. That’s how we ensure that our ideas are channeled into profitable results – not to mention how much fun it is to see the success up close. At present, the primary focus of our solutions lies in the area of Procurement. We’ve established a broad foundation and can now look back on more than 2,200 successful projects. We know that there’s plenty more potential in this methodology to be tapped into, which is why we maintain close contact with researchers in the field. A strong team has emerged which sets international standards and remains open to new talent and ideas. After all, the application of game theory stretches far beyond Procurement. We can use it to achieve the optimum certainty of results for our clients in all complex negotiation processes, including M&A activities and sales negotiations”.