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Your career at TWS Partners

Your career at TWS Partners

As an employee at TWS Partners, you can look forward to many exciting challenges that will help you grow. We offer you the opportunity to continuously improve your skills, expand your know-how and advance your career.

One thing is certain:
at TWS Partners you’ll never stop learning.


You’ll work in a small team initially, assuming responsibility for the execution and success of projects and bringing your analytical and communicative skills into play. You’ll help your colleagues conduct background research and analyse client data, and you’ll be present for negotiations with our clients on site. We guarantee your professional development by means of our intensive onboarding programme and regular training courses.

Senior Consultant

Experienced consultants manage smaller sub-projects on their own and are able to develop concrete recommendations for action. As a Senior Consultant, you demonstrate your analytical and scientific competence by analysing and structuring problems and preparing solution approaches. You develop analytical models and presentations on your own and use your communicative skills to introduce them to your clients. Trainings are adapted to your individual needs, enabling your continuous development.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you’ll assume a broad variety of exciting responsibilities in your Project Manager role at TWS Partners: as a manager of small consultant teams as well as the client team’s first point of contact. Project Managers organise the project schedule, coordinate their team and are constantly in touch with the client. In this role you’ll demonstrate your analytical and scientific skills by creating innovative negotiation designs and during the negotiations. You'll also participate in training activities for our consultants. At the same time, we’ll continue to support your own career through training and individual support.

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Managers assume greater responsibility for client relationships. They steer more complex projects and support a broader range of projects, with larger consultant teams. As a Senior Project Manager, you’ll be also involved in developing new consulting approaches. Senior Project Managers at TWS Partners actively participate in the development of our consultants and Project Managers.


Our Principals are responsible for establishing, maintaining and expanding client relationships. They're actively involved in the development of new subject areas and participate in strategic decisions.


Partners at TWS Partners make management decisions, drive growth and define the strategic direction of the company.

We support your career - in a structured and tailored way

Isabelle Aymanns, Partner

“After you’ve completed our intensive onboarding programme, we assist you with regular classroom, ‘on the job’ and leadership training. All the while you’re guided by a mentor, who will help with all your questions and concerns. We guarantee your professional development and offer a clear path to build your career at TWS Partners”.