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About TWS Partners

Our CEO Marcus Schreiber gives a short introduction of TWS Partners and explains game theory’s relevance for business.

What is game theory?

Marcus Schreiber defines game theory and gives some examples of its application.

Smart Procurement Process

The Smart Procurement Process (SPP) by TWS Partners in a nutshell.


Bryce Cooper, Group President Harris Utilities, talks about his experiences with game theory and TWS Partners in a Sales project.

Private Equity

Marc Wallenstein outlines game theory’s added value for the Private Equity Market and M&A transactions.

Scientific exchange

Vitali Gretschko, Head of the ZEW Research Group “Market Design” and professor for Market Design at the University of Mannheim, on what makes it so special to work with TWS Partners.

Game Theory in Procurement:
London Event 2017

TWS Partners and Supply Management Insider hosted an exclusive event on the application of game theory in Procurement for Procurement leaders. Watch the highlights.

Game Theory in Procurement:
London Event 2018

After a successful event in 2017, TWS Partners and Supply Management Insider hosted their second exclusive event on game theory in Procurement in 2018. Watch the highlights.

Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress 2017:
Actively managing disruption

Marcus Schreiber explains how to actively manage disruption with game theory at the Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress 2017.

Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress 2018:
Hidden potential in large companies’ Procurement

Sebastian Moritz presents the findings of our recent study, in cooperation with the Handelsblatt Research Institute, at the Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress 2018 (German only).