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The European and Express: TWS Partners on Game Theory and Brexit

Media looking for game-theoretical expertise in the final phase of the Brexit negotiations

The European Union and the United Kingdom have made significant progress in the Brexit negotiations. Shortly before, our CEO and founding partner Marcus Schreiber analysed the negotiations for "The European" and "Express" from a game-theoretical perspective.

Read the articles:

The European: Showdown auf der Weltbühne (German)

Express: 'EU made a huge mistake' Game Theory expert explains how Brussels could have dodged Brexit

Express: 'Easy for Barnier to be tough!' Game theory expert reveals EU's Brexit 'delegation game'

Express: Game theory expert reveals how Boris Johnson could have played this role in Brexit talks

Last year, the news magazine FOCUS interviewed Marcus on his game-theoretical view on the Brexit negotiations:

FOCUS: Was kann ich von den Brexit-Verhandlungen für mein Gehaltsgespräch lernen? (German)