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CIPS and TWS Partners promote game theory on the global stage

Today, on 29 June 2017, TWS Partners becomes CIPS‘ exclusive knowledge partner for game theory.

The partnership will offer a number of materials in various formats from printed to video content and at launch there will be several pieces available on what is game theory, how game theory can be used in business, a survey on how game theory is used in business and the intricacies of game theory in more detail. More content will be made available over the next months.

CIPS, the global professional body for the procurement and supply management profession, started working with TWS Partners in 2016.

Dr. Sebastian Moritz, Director of TWS Partners, comments, "Since we began working alongside CIPS last year, both organisations have benefited from the great added value of the collaboration. Game theory has been well received by members of the institute for the value it adds, as have our events and offers. This exclusive knowledge partnership is an important step for us to underpin our global position as the leading expert for commercial applications game theory and industrial economics".

Game Theory on CIPS.org