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Exclusive presentation of our CFO / CPO study at the "Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress"

TWS Partners for the second time at the summit meeting for CFOs

How do CFOs of leading companies see their Procurement department and its leader, the CPO - is their cooperation more like a "love affair", or just a necessity?

We analysed these and other questions in our current study, in cooperation with the Handelsblatt Research Institute. In front of about 120 CFOs of well-known companies, Dr. Sebastian Moritz exclusively presented the main findings of the study at the 14th Handelsblatt CFO-Kongress on 20 June in Munich. He summarises: "Organisations' results are directly related to Procurement; here we see not yet exhausted potentials. While CPOs and CFOs recognise that rethinking is required to unlock these potentials, they lack a solution. But the solution already exists: Game theory and industrial economics are important instruments here. Equipped with this methodology, Procurement can be more successful. Companies must finally rethink!"

More information on the study will be available shortly on our website!