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Behavioural Economics

Using Behavioural Economics to maximise efficiency and effectiveness

With insights from Behavioural Economics, we stimulate the best possible behaviours in your corporate operations and negotiations

Behavioural Economics is the next-level extension of the more traditional Microeconomics - integrating psychological and sociological thinking into existing models of rationality. To put it clearly, Behavioural Economics evaluates the effect of human nature on choice.

Our deep pool of knowledge in the development and application of economic theory allows us to use cutting edge insights from Behavioural Economics to bring a new perspective to driving your organisation’s efficiency.

We apply Behavioural Economics in various areas, from developing and implementing enhanced methods in negotiating to creating study-backed pricing/marketing strategies and improving internal efficiencies in communication. Simultaneously, we work to build awareness of Behavioural Concepts among your senior management through a dedicated training programme. Our value input drives long-term benefit to your organisation.

To ensure the most effective delivery of our projects, particularly in public sector applications, we collaborate with dedicated specialists from Behavia, a Berlin-based consultancy company specialised in behavioural economics.



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