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Internal process optimisation

Internal process optimisation

How can Behavioural Economics help?

When properly applied, Behavioural Economics can be a tool to unlock hidden efficiencies in your internal workplace processes and procedures.

By using behaviourally targeted messages and potentially even direct performance measuring and suitable rewards schemes, we can measurably improve employee effort and compliance to internal processes and procedures.

While the changes are subtle, the impact of these types of interventions has been proven numerous times and they can be applied in a broad range of areas.


Indeed, the use of “footprints” on public pathways to mark directions of travel would illustrate a behavioural intervention. This application is subtle, but clear to understand, and is derived from the behavioural principles of salience and the decision-making implications of human ‘herd mentality’.

The same principle could be applied to workflows in manufacturing facilities or even in digital tools – improving areas such as health and safety with improved signage or productivity with optimised workflows and subtle suggestions.