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Sustainably optimise the returns from your mergers and acquisitions by applying game theory

When negotiating an acquisition of a company or of an asset, you have the strongest of all arguments at your command – purchasing power! And still you’ll find yourself competing with other prospective buyers, e. g. when your target will be sold via an auction process. But also when pursuing a strategic acquisition in the context of a corporate M&A-transaction you often will compete with other interested parties and/or you will have to thoroughly analyse the existing acquisition and respective negotiation alternatives.

For the transaction to become a success it is absolutely crucial that you retain or rather strengthen your negotiation power during the acquisition process - something we can help you do with our game theoretical methodology. With "Process Design" we systematically arrange all activities towards the desired outcome of the transaction from the beginning of the sales process. Using "Market Design" we systematically evaluate existing alternatives and thereby improve your negotiating power. By way of "Mechanism Design", i.e. by best adapting the negotiation design to the circumstances, we make sure that the existing negotiation power is fully leveraged during the negotiation process.


  • develop case-specific negotiation strategies, including the simulation of auction designs to better evaluate possible auction results
  • systematically arrange all activities towards the desired outcome of the transaction and ensure commitment with all relevant functional departments
  • establish and financially evaluate alternatives (BATNA, i.e. „best alternative to a negotiated agreement“)
  • coach negotiation leaders in strategy and tactics before and during negotiations
  • implement consistent, centrally coordinated internal and external communication strategies



The preparation and execution of a merger or acquisition process is mission critical for the quality of the transaction and hence for the future profitability and reputation of the companies involved. Whether as a private equity fund, a pension fund, a family office or as a corporate M&A department, benefit from the existing opportunities to increase the negotiating power in your M&A negotiations. Let´s discuss!

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further information

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