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Operational Improvements

Cost reduction and sales growth

With our TWS Portfolio Scan we can analyse with you the potentials hidden in your investment portfolio. In the context of private equity these potentials can be found particularly in the following areas:

Cost reduction: Given the decreasing share of in-house production within most industries, procurement often affects 60% or more of a company’s costs. Consequently, a significant reduction of purchasing costs influences EBIT and profit swiftly and with a longterm effect. In the context of a private equity-led company this means nothing else than that such increased profitability has a direct positive effect on the company’s valuation and on the fund’s NAV – a potential that you should certainly try to raise!

Sales growth: Our long-standing expertise with negotiations between companies make us a valuable partner for sales organisations. Among other things we do support our clients in the game theoretical design of market entry strategies, the participation in (government) tenders or auctions or in the revision of incentive or pricing schemes. Quite often our methodology opens up a new perspective on markets and strategies and thus helps to raise yet undetected markets potentials. More about our expertise with regards to sales you can find here.

How can we achieve these results?

What we do is nothing less than lifting your negotiation processes to a 21st century level. Our game theoretical approach complements intuitive negotiation methods and can help to dramatically improve negotiation processes, for example in procurement or divestment transactions. We achieve these results by:

  • introduction of bonus/malus valuations to establish a full quantitative comparability of offers
  • increase the degree of competition through - for both parties - fully committed negotiation
  • transparent communication of all process steps as well as
  • a customised, potentially multi-stage negotiation design, e.g. auctions, rankings, etc.

Beyond that the high level of transparency of our approach increases the probability of a transaction closing. And we like to work success oriented – a fact that makes our assignment a win-win situation for you! Let’s talk!

further information

further information

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