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Optimise your Procurement process and set the excellence of your best project as a benchmark for all projects

Procurement has to be at the helm of the supplier selection process in today’s world with complex supply chains and cross-functional sourcing decisions. In addition, Procurement has to be an integral part in companies’ strategy setting processes. Help your organisation to consistently make better decisions and to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Procurement in the 21st century - that means being a manager, a process designer and a strategist. A modern, bespoke Procurement process is essential to an organisation's success.

Our consulting: A purchasing process designed by TWS Partners helps you achieve this goal. Our process is tailored to your organisation. It not only asks the right questions, but also at the right time and in the right format to ensure you still have options to choose from when it is time to make a decision. In addition, the accompanying diagnostics use smart data and predictive Procurement methods to arrive at readily usable insights. These help you to constantly improve your organisation. TWS Partners gives you the full picture – to be on time, on budget and achieve required quality more regularly.

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Working with TWS Partners - what’s in it for you?


  • We ask the right questions.
  • We derive answers when there are still options left to choose from.
  • We help you to thoroughly analyse yourself and your organisation generating ready-to-use insights.
  • We give you a fresh perspective.
  • We design a process with you that reflects Procurement’s changed role in the 21st century.



We are living and operating in an ever-changing globalised economy. In this environment, Procurement needs to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and act as an agile and entrepreneurially-minded orchestrator of complex, cross-functional sourcing projects.

Let's talk about how we can help you to answer these demands with a new purchasing process. Consulting by TWS Partners.

A Procurement process designed by TWS Partners uses the insights from game theory to first identify the current limitations within your organisation and then improve them one by one.

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further information

The benefits of rational decision-making

Angewandte Spieltheorie / game theory

The benefit of game theory in conflict situations - and what that means for you.


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