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Optimise Procurement activities

We optimise tenders and negotiations with game theory

Discover new potentials – new sourcing strategies and game theory in negotiations

We are market leader in large and complex tendering projects and negotiations where we systematically achieve above average results. Even multinational organisations who consider themselves to be leading edge within Procurement work with us sustainably.

Whether you have complex cross-functional sourcing projects, annual price negotiations, regular tenders, make-or-buy decisions or outsourcing projects, our experienced project teams can support you in achieving immediate results and developing Procurement as a value-driving factor throughout the company.

Game theory in purchasing: We utilise Nobel Prize-winning research results from the fields of game theory and industrial economics, highlighted in the following four areas:

Beschaffungsstrategien, Strategische Beschaffung, Sourcing Strategien, Spieltheorie Verhandlung

Case Studies

Case studies Market Design

Our case studies show how extraordinary results can be achieved through the use of game theory.


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Our Approach


  • We use cutting edge expertise to develop tailor-made ‘awarding designs’ and leverage the power of commitment in negotiations and tenders to drive results. 
  • We design markets to create competition where allegedly none exists or where market forces do not work anymore. Together with us, Procurement becomes a market designer, creating supplier market places that extract true market prices.
  • We use a unique and comprehensive approach which establishes an alternative framework for cross-functional collaboration and processes.
  • We create frameworks that ensure all stakeholders strive for the same objective – optimising the Total Value of Ownership (TVO) delivered by suppliers.


Consulting for sourcing processes: Our team of more than 70 consultants supports the implementation of game theory and industrial economic methods for our clients. We have more than 2,200 projects with a total of more than 250 billion Euros under our belt, so rest assured you’re in good hands.

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further information

We make Procurement a key value driver in your company

Welcome to the 21st century. A Procurement process designed by TWS helps you to change the role of sourcing decisions in your company.

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TWS Agility Check - the analysis tool which adds value to your Procurement

Einkaufsprozesse optimieren, Einkaufsberatung, Einkaufsoptimierung

Discover the potential and see immediate ROI.