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Agility Check

TWS Agility Check - the analysis tool which adds value to your Procurement

Procurement consulting by TWS Partners: Discover the potential and see immediate ROI

The TWS Agility Check is a practical and scientific analysis tool comprising two main parts that can be tailored to your needs. The Agility Check not only looks at your Procurement department in isolation and from one perspective but rather involves all relevant internal stakeholders, business partners and management, depending on your industry. Our Procurement consulting by using the TWS Agility Check includes:

Einkaufsprozesse optimieren, Einkaufsberatung, Einkaufsoptimierung

Agility Benchmark

Tailor-made to your bespoke needs, this tool examines your company against other agile organisations to unearth true potential. Through workshops, it assesses your current performance quickly identifying areas for improvement. The deliverable is a 360 degree analysis of your Procurement function with clearly derived recommendations.

Agility Pilot

We run selected pilot projects together with your teams so that we can get involved in order to understand your organisation and your cross-functional collaboration skills in a "live" environment. This gives you a reality check with direct added value, given that our projects generate ROI right from the start. Finally, this is the basis for the development of the master plan to sustainably raise the value extracted from your Procurement department.

The TWS Partners Agility Check:

  • is a robust and cross-functional analysis tool.
  • is a starting point for change.
  • helps generate result from the outset.
  • offers a new perspective on the capabilities and potential of your organisation.
  • is a scalable roadmap.
  • is a safe investment.


Talk to us about Procurement consulting and the TWS Agility Check for your organisation -

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