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Procurement as value driver by using game theory

Procurement redefined: game theory as a "game changer"

In today's markets, the purchaser must be manager and strategy setter in cross-functional Procurement processes to help the entire organisation to improve.

In today’s global economy, in-house production within most industries is decreasing and in some instances constitutes less than 30%, leading to more complex and integrated supply chains. Organisations are increasingly reliant on their suppliers to provide them with solutions and innovations. To achieve maximum value, the Procurement department must give up its role as an internal reactive service provider and shift to a proactive and highly strategic role. In this process game theory can be the "game changer" for Procurement (brochure "Game theory in Procurement").

A sustainably successful Procurement organisation must be seen and regarded as agile and entrepreneurial. Procurement in the 21st century means being a manager, a process designer and a strategist. At TWS Partners, we see ourselves as the driving force and enablers, transforming Procurement from an internal service provider to a value driver, serving the entire organisation.

A Procurement process designed by TWS Partners helps you tackle this challenge. Not only do we ask the right questions at the right time, but we also develop the right answers in partnership with you. In addition, our diagnostics tool set provides you with deep and meaningful insights which help you to improve your organisation and sub-processes. TWS Partners gives you a new perspective, offering insights and recommendations for targeted success.



Game Theory and Procurement: TWS Partners and Supply Management Event in London

Why working with TWS Partners and game theory is good for you and your organisation

  • We facilitate change and help create new dynamics from within your organisation.
  • Every TWS Partners project creates return on investment - justifying a continued and successful working relationship.
  • Our projects establish a new direction for cross-functional collaboration, led and initiated by Procurement. 
  • The momentum we achieve changes the perception of the Procurement department in a sustainable way and becomes the driving force for value-driven results across the business.
  • TWS Partners is the leading company in the application of game theory in Procurement.


We are in an ever-changing global economy. To be recognised as delivering real added value, the role of Procurement needs to become more entrepreneurial and agile. Use our Agility Check to find out how your company ranks for Procurement agility. We can quickly identify areas for improvement and our Agility Pilots help to secure quick wins and return on investment. Our whitepaper below explains in detail the benefits of game theory in Procurement.

further information

further information

TWS Agility Check - the analysis tool which adds value to your Procurement

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Discover the potential and see immediate ROI.



further information

TWS white paper: Game theory is a "game changer" for Procurement

Our white paper explains the necessary steps to unlocking the potential of your Procurement department.

Download here