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Applying game theory to meet on equal terms with your negotiation partner

We give you a new perspective
on sales negotiations – by using game theory

Due to the many years of experience in negotiations and our in-depth knowledge of Procurement methods and tactics we are a valuable partner for any sales organisation. Our game theory approach creates a new perspective and helps you to significantly increase your sales success.

The TWS Partners team can support you in various types of projects: from optimising the incentive scheme for sales staff to improving the preparation and execution of negotiations.

Our method is particularly successful in the B2B segment and can be applied in all industries. We are the partner that helps you to keep cool in tenders, developing a clear strategy and executing it successfully.

Bryce Cooper, Group President Harris Utilities, talks about his experiences with game theory and TWS Partners in a Sales project.

Spieltheorie Vertrieb / negotiations game theory

Talk to us if you are facing one or more of the following challenges

  • You are confronted with an increasing number of highly competitive tendering processes.  
  • You are challenged by market entry of new competitors.
  • Your customers systematically foster competition.
  • Your customers are applying innovative negotiation methods.
  • Long-term relationships and trust become less and less important.
  • You want to analyse and optimise your sales strategy and market position.


Today negotiations become more and more competitive and strategically optimised. In order to keep being successful you need to develop dedicated and more sophisticated strategies – impulsive counter measures will no longer be sufficient.

Talk to us and get a new perspective on your situation! Use the game theory approach for your negotiations.

further information

further information

The benefits of rational decision-making

Angewandte Spieltheorie / game theory

The benefit of game theory in conflict situations - and what that means for you.


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