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GAME THEORY IN SALES - Strengthening AND leveraging your bargaining position

When using game theory, sales teams have a much clearer view – all options are on the table and they can derive and leverage their optimal negotiation strategy.

Game theory has been a highly effective tool in Procurement for quite some time.

However, game theory can also help organisations to unleash undiscovered potentials in Sales. Game theory creates transparency in complex negotiation and tendering processes, especially in situations in which Sales teams usually have to make many assumptions about the buyer’s decision rationale and their own competitive position.

Using game theory, all options are on the table – right from the start. Interdependencies and possible developments during the course of the sales process are part of the initial analysis. The result is an optimal negotiation strategy - based on a scientific instrument, which itself relies on Noble-prize winning research.

The TWS methodology for the application of game theory in Sales is particularly successful in the B2B area and can be applied in all industries. We are your partner for negotiations and tenders of any kind, helping you to keep a cool head, develop a clear strategy and consistently implement it. The use of game theory can improve your success and lift your sales organisation to the next level.

Sales has to face increasingly difficult and complex situations in negotiations. Use the power of game theory to recognise your chances and improve your results sustainably!

Case study components manufacturer


Case study telecommunications


10 insights for your next Sales negotiation


Bryce Cooper, Group President Harris Utilities, talks about his experience with game theory and TWS Partners on a sales project.

Talk to us if you are facing one or more of the following challenges

  • You are confronted with an increasing number of highly competitive tendering processes.  
  • You are challenged by market entry of new competitors.
  • Your customers systematically foster competition.
  • Your customers are applying innovative negotiation methods.
  • Long-term relationships and trust become less and less important.
  • You want to analyse and optimise your sales strategy and market position.

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further information

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