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Award-winning research

Strengthen your negotiating position

We improve business performance by using game theory and industrial economics

Scientists have been awarded with 15 Nobel Prizes for game theory and industrial economics since 1978; with the latest having been awarded to Harvard professor Oliver Hart and MIT researcher Bengt Holmstrom in 2016 for their work regarding contract theory.

TWS Partners is in fact the only company globally who are successfully using game theory and industrial economics to improve business performance. We provide competitive advantage for our clients and transform them into agile, entrepreneurial thinking value drivers.

The four distinct elements of our approach:

  • TWS Partners leverages the latest insights to develop tailor-made negotiating strategies and levers maximum commitment to drive results.
  • We are shaping markets to resurrect competition where it has come to a halt. To do this, we use market design to "build" marketplaces.
  • TWS Partners uses a unique approach, consistently interrogating the end goal and thereby setting the framework for cross-functional cooperation and processes.
  • We create the framework to enable a goal-oriented transformation of the organisation.

Take advantage of our game theory and industrial economic expertise. Our experts turn theory into practice and deliver better results for your entire organisation.