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Mindset / Way of thinking

New thinking:
How game theory helps your organisation

Commercial applications of Nobel Prize-winning research results

Game theory is a sub-area of microeconomics and mathematics with applications in industrial economics, contract theory, behavioural economics, bargaining and auction theory.

TWS Partners is the first and only organisation with over 70 qualified experts applying game-theoretical methods to business. Game theory is not a blue print for projects but rather conveys a unique way of approaching projects, enabling you to optimise your position in negotiations or other interactions. Given that every situation and client is different, our recommended actions are case-specific and tailored – this is our recipe for success.



We achieve maximum results for our clients from day one using game theory methodology:

  • Analysis of the current situation: Understand and define the playing field (e.g. parties involved, their interests and goals, type of interaction, predetermined rules, etc.).
  • Strategic interaction: Anticipate the possible decisions and reactions of the opponent and the impact on the strategies of the other parties.
  • Incentives: Investigate and set incentives for all parties involved.
  • Work backwards: Develop an optimal strategy by “thinking from the end”, considering all possible outcomes.

TWS Partners has introduced game theory to almost all areas of an organisation: Procurement, Sales, HR, M&A, corporate strategy as well as process design. Talk to us and let us discover your potential.