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State of the Art Research

From theory to application

Our academic network, cooperation and sponsorships

The belief in the potential of game theory is why we created the company and it still remains the foundation for the success of our business model. Our close connection to science is fundamental and differentiates us significantly.

Thanks to close cooperation with well-known research facilities (ZEW) and universities (e.g. LMU Munich and Cologne University), we can keep our methods up-to-date. We enable the practical application of Nobel Prize-winning research on game theory and industrial economics and turn research into practice. The close exchange with our academic network is fundamental to our business success and as such we make game theory tangible and useful for businesses.

The intense exchange with specialists in their respective areas of expertise allows us to continually develop our unique methodology based on current scientific research.

This cooperation enables us to always incorporate the latest scientific findings in our approach:

  • Working together in this way not only enables us to learn, but also to feedback our practical experience for future research projects.
  • Our broad network of renowned universities enables us to consistently offer our clients advanced solutions.
  • The intense exchange between theory and practice enables continuous development of our proposition.
  • Our exchange with the scientific community is important to us and as such we promote different academic programmes.

We have a responsibility to our clients to offer advanced solutions to their challenges. Thanks to our numerous partnerships with renowned universities we can assure you that our unique methodology is based on the latest scientific findings – we guarantee it!