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What is game theory?

Your business – a change of perspective by using game theory

Game theory is a scientific, economic tool to analyse decision-making situations in business

From buying a car to global politics, game theory is a stunningly effective tool because it is based on mathematical theory of rational behaviour in conflict situations.  It can therefore be applied to any interaction between decision makers who undertake business in competitive situations.

As the term ‘game theory’ suggests, these interactions are modelled as a ‘game’. The decision makers are players that act within defined rules and try to maximise their respective outcomes of this game. This is where TWS Partners bring together theory and practice. Using game theory we analyse and structure your problem and offer viable and promising solutions.

Angewandte Spieltheorie / game theory

What is game theory?

  • Game theory is the theory of rational decision-making in conflict situations.
  • It is applicable in almost every entrepreneurial decision-making situation.
  • TWS Partners is the only company globally which is successfully using the mathematical insights of game theory to improve business performance.


In a competitive global economy, game theory is a compelling process-orientated tool to support winning negotiations.