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Our way of working

How we work:
We are part of your team!

Special tasks need specialists

You can rely on us. TWS Partners stands for qualified specialists - this not only differentiates us from most other consulting firms, but makes us the only consultants implementing game theory and industrial economics as a business model.

TWS Partners uses a unique and comprehensive approach. Our more than 70 strong team of experts works with you in partnership from concept through to final negotiations - i.e. until the contract is signed.



TWS Partners have developed this innovative approach of game-theoretical thinking. Embedding it throughout the organisation makes a big difference to all aspects of your business, and really changes the perspective of the Procurement function. Businesses can thereby learn and evolve project-by-project, building momentum and driving change throughout the entire company.

Some of our clients regard the launch phase of a project as a "challenge" because the approach is so different. But thinking differently pays off. The results achieved create trust and then enthusiasm in your Procurement department and other participating functions. In this way, we create a brand new means of cross-functional collaboration - initiated by the Procurement department and TWS Partners.

Our methods achieve above average results, which is why we continue to embed our methodology in market leading organisations, making a real contribution to their bottom line.

Who are we?

  • We have more than 70 experts specialising in game theory and industrial economics.
  • Circa 50% of our consultants hold a PhD.
  • 60% of our team are economists with a focus on game theory and industrial economics.
  • The remaining 40% are mainly physicists or mathematicians.

Our specialists are solely driven to achieve the best results for your organisation. Return on investment and embedding our methodology in a sustainable way is what we are all about, so that you benefit from the best of both worlds!