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Passion meets negotiating power

The heart and mind –
everything you need for your project!

Our employees have one passion:

to achieve the best result for your organisation. This is what drives them and they use all their capability to achieve this. We not only design, but accompany you and your team until "the ink is dry". We thereby simultaneously improve cross-functional collaboration and processes across the business sustainably.

At TWS Partners, not only do you get a unique methodology, but also our complete support in the implementation of projects and processes. This means we are a consultancy of both strategists and implementers, delivering the best of both worlds!

This is how our founders designed TWS Partners and have since successfully sent us on a solid growth path.


We create negotiating power

Power for the whole organisation

Using Nobel Prize-winning research results, we achieve a whole new level of certainty and quality of results for the most complex transactions in companies in the areas of Procurement, Sales, the purchase and sale of assets, M&A, licensing and trade union negotiations.

We analyse the structure of the interaction and open up new perspectives within the context of the interaction. Through targeted changes to the process of interaction, we achieve maximum leverage.

Market leaders trust our approach and are increasingly discovering the potential of this methodology for all strategic interactions, both internally and externally.

An additional discovery is that we do not just optimise individual projects. Our clients quickly realise that the implementation of our methods improves the organisation as a whole, in a sustainable way.

The TWS Partners’ approach enables us to transform entire organisations because it strengthens the competitive position wherever strategic transactions are carried out. Together, we are opening up new perspectives and, above all, competitive potential as we significantly strengthen your leverage and position.