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In the race to have an advantage in customer retention, most airline companies rely on a cumulative points system to unlock status and purchasing power on duty free items. Behavioural science, the study of human irrationality, can often introduce improvements to traditional solutions:

No clue what’s going on in the reign of Donald the first? Game Theory and Behavioural Economics might help you find an answer.

The study of matching markets has a long tradition in economics and is a major focus in the field of market design. Examples of matching markets are manifold, ranging from kidney exchange through to school selection and online dating. One common feature across most of these markets is that monetary payment is limited...

Airbus-Emirates: a deal fueled by game theory


Disclaimer: The January 2018 Airbus-Emirates A380 deal was widely covered in the press with different analysts’ opinions. This article is an original game theory take on the topic and the strategies we discuss may or may not have been deployed by the involved parties. TWS Partners presents a plausible account of events...