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Strategic decisions in interviewing (2/2)


In this second part of the series on strategic decisions in interviewing, the impact of the number of interviews on hiring decisions will be analysed.

Strategic decisions in interviewing (1/2)


A well-functioning HR department is undoubtedly a key driver of successful companies, and deciding whether or not to hire certain candidates is one of their key tasks. However, there is more to interviewing than meets the eye, and some strategic decisions need to be made when interviewing potential employees.

We encounter cartels on a daily basis in our free time, through blockbuster TV series such as AMC’s Breaking Bad and Netflix’ El Chapo. However, cartels also affect us in our daily lives in other ways, although they tend to revolve around different commodities.

Power in negotiations comes from outside options – your own options or the other side’s, or the other side’s in another negotiation, as Apple has found out in their recent acquisition of Intel’s modem division. Intel was successful in the negotiation with Apple not because their relative power in that deal, but because...

Drivers take action, Uber does not!

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Uber and Lyft, famous for their innovative peer-to-peer ridesharing service and their disruption of the taxi industry, have often been criticised for the low pay of their drivers. Drivers have gone on strike in New York, San Francisco and London to demand better pay and increased job security. These strikes have seen...

In the race to have an advantage in customer retention, most airline companies rely on a cumulative points system to unlock status and purchasing power on duty free items. Behavioural science, the study of human irrationality, can often introduce improvements to traditional solutions:

Disclaimer: The January 2018 Airbus-Emirates A380 deal was widely covered in the press with different analysts’ opinions. This article is an original game theory take on the topic and the strategies we discuss may or may not have been deployed by the involved parties. TWS Partners presents a plausible account of events...