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About this blog 

It has always been our goal to use methods derived from research in the fields of game theory and industrial economics to improve business performance. In our daily work, we constantly develop new topics, in close collaboration with science. But the application of game theory is not limited to strategic business questions. Game theory can also help to explain problems found in politics, every-day life or even other scientific fields. As game theorists with heart and soul, we are constantly looking for new examples of application, to facilitate the access to and understanding of the methodology also for non-economists/-mathematicians. That’s why we see this blog as a platform for fresh game-theoretical ideas, explanations and application possibilities, contributed especially by enthusiastic users, students and junior scientists.

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How to contribute 

Game theory users, junior scientist and students from the fields of economics, math or physics, looking to share their thoughts and ideas aside from required papers and assignments, are cordially invited to contribute to this blog, as a creative platform for “all things game theory”.

By contributing to this blog, the authors have the chance to get in touch with experienced game theory professionals. Furthermore, their name may be published in a collection of game theory articles curated by true experts. Furthermore, every year we will honour the best articles by awarding exciting prizes – including a weekend trip to London as the first prize!

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