Be part of the first ZEW & TWS Partners matching markets event!

The Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and TWS Partners are excited to announce our first joint matching markets conference. Due to ongoing travel restrictions, the event, initially planned for September 2021, will be rescheduled to 2022. Come back soon for more information or sign up below to register your interest.

The purpose of the event is to foster a fruitful exchange of ideas about matching markets in general and how the insights of matching theory can be applied in practice. It will bring together researchers on matching theory, practitioners who are applying these concepts as well as individuals and companies interested in the subject.

The event will be a two-day event with the first day focussed on the applications, and the second day focussed on latest research. There will be also plenty of time to network and discuss at Thursday’s evening event.

What are matching markets?

When talking about markets we usually think of places where things or services are traded for money. But not all scarce resources are allocated via a price mechanism. In fact, some of the most important markets in our lives – like job markets, school & university admission, or markets for donor organs, are matching markets, i.e. markets not using (solely) a price mechanism for allocation.

Learn more about matching markets and how they are applied in our white paper and a real-life case study on how one of our clients restructured its internal labour market.

Who should join the event?

  • HR professionals looking for innovative solutions in their field
  • Professionals in public authorities from the education sector and others
  • Researchers looking to exchange ideas on latest research
  • Everyone who is interested in matching markets!

Attendance is free of charge but as seats are limited, please register your interest to join the event below.

Day 1

Matching Markets in application

Day 2

The science behind matching