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Next Level

Enter the next level!

For the last 18 years, we have been at the forefront of applying game theory in business. And we will continue to do so – together with our customers. We constantly develop our methodology, always in close collaboration with research, to create sustainable competitive advantages and to improve business results.

The Next Level: Overview

Get an overview on everything you need to know about the next level of game theory in business. Our Next Level event’s brochure introduces you to the hot topics, players and solutions.

The Next Level event in Summer 2019

“Game Theory: The Next Level” was the theme of our exclusive event in Munich. International Procurement professionals joined us to learn about next level applications, presented by high-profile speakers from academia and business. Watch the highlights and get a first idea of the game theory’s future.

Lighthouse Case I: How to buy greenhouse gas credits when no market exists

A manufacturing company hasn’t received any greenhouse gas credits that are required in the US, threatening the company to stop its operations. There was no market place to buy the needed credits. Together with TWS Partners, the company found a solution as unique as its problem.

Download Lighthouse Case I

In this case study you can learn how TWS Partners and its customer were able to design an efficient market for the customer’s peculiar requirement: buying greenhouse gas credits from the company’s competitors. Get all the insights of this case on one page.

Lighthouse Case II: Accelerating the elimination of a deadly disease

Hepatitis C is one of the deadliest diseases globally, often affecting some of the most vulnerable people in a society. But there are treatments. NHS England & Improvements set the goal to become the first country to eliminate the disease. Together with TWS, they found a way to make pharmaceutical companies compete not only in regard to their prices, but for their contributions towards elimination.

Download Lighthouse Case II

This case study outlines how TWS Partners and NHS&I used market and mechanism design to support the elimination of Hepatitis C in England. Get all the insights of this project on one page.

further information

further information

We make Procurement a key value driver in your company

Welcome to the 21st century. A Procurement process designed by TWS helps you to change the role of sourcing decisions in your company.

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