Business wargames are a powerful tool to tackle situations in which market conditions are uncertain and strategies of the involved parties are not transparent, providing insights into the consequences of one’s own actions and other parties’ goals and strategies.

In such situations, rigorous model-based strategising is not always viable. This is either due to many unknowns in the market situation, or too many possible courses of action of the involved players.

Wargames designed by TWS Partners profit from our long-time expertise in game theory and industrial economics, improving the experience and results in all three key phases of the process: setting up the game, playing the game, and analysing the game. Our game-theoretical approach allows us to set up games that rely on the fundamental strategic questions, while leaving out time-consuming distractions and unnecessary complexities.

When playing the game, we don’t follow a path of pre-defined options, but let our clients creatively explore unconventional ideas and strategies. Our game-theoretical expertise allows us to evaluate and assess the outcome at every intermediary step as the basis for the next move.

At the end of this process, we jointly identify a small set of promising and well understood strategic options – a solid basis for senior management to make well-informed decisions.

Together, let’s master the game!