First, we believe in the power of economic science and game theory. It is proven. It’s called theory. But it’s highly applied. It’s actionable. We are passionate about helping our clients to solve challenges with tailored solutions and turn concepts into reality.

We listen. We probe. We question. We think things through. Together with our clients we challenge conventions and raise new possibilities. This way, we turn leaders, teams and companies into game changers.

We are passionate economics nerds. Game theory is our creed and we apply its tenants to people and businesses. We also strongly believe in the human side of business. We are partners to our clients and always at their side. We support them, we guide them – with our global team at TWS Partners.

Our vision is to shape a business world where game changers push boundaries.

Our clients share this mentality: They all are transformers.

But – what drives us?

Good question.

It’s down to this: Together we change the way the game is played so we can change the outcome.