We believe traditional business strategies and tools don’t work anymore for a world that no longer exists. We believe we need new tools for a whole new world.

Game theory – a Nobel Prize-winning branch of economics – is the scientific modelling of interactions (games) between parties (players), each pursuing their own interests.

The players choose their actions mindful of what other players may think and do. Use cases for game theory in business are twofold:

1) Playing better than the other side. Understand the ‘rules’ of a game (say, in a negotiation) and leverage the optimal strategy in a given setting.

2) Changing the game being played. Use game theory to shape interactions and influence behaviour of other players towards a desirable outcome.

We look at the underlying structure of how the players interact, their objectives and incentives. This helps an organisation improve:

  • Top-line and bottom-line results
  • Market entry and exit decisions
  • Buying or selling of assets and business units
  • Licensing IP and know-how
  • Hiring and developing talent
  • Leveraging social and market trends

Applying TWS Partners’ award-winning methodology helps you see, act and evolve your business differently.

You can create maximum certainty for your business decisions and achieve the largest impact for your company. Make it your game.

Marcus Schreiber explains Game Theory and how it can be applied in business