November 16, 2023

TWS Partners opens new office in Switzerland to Expand European presence

Munich – November 16, 2023: TWS Partners, the leading economic strategy consultancy, announces the opening of its new office in Switzerland. This strategic expansion demonstrates the company’s commitment to extending its reach across Europe and strengthening relationships with clients and partners in the region.

The Swiss office will be headed by Armin Scharlach, who has more than two decades of experience in senior roles in leading strategy consulting firms. Armin’s exceptional skills in advanced analytics, game-theoretic approaches, and psychological negotiation techniques make him a perfect fit of TWS’ business expansion in Switzerland. “Game Theory is essential to achieve maximum sustainable success in high-stake business decisions. Like in chess, the player who is better in analysing the past, using psychology to better read and influence the other player’s behaviour and better anticipates and models how his/her move is going to influence their next moves, is going to win” (Armin Scharlach).

The appointment of Armin Scharlach as General Manager for TWS Partners’ business in Switzerland is a testament to the company’s commitment to employing world-class talent to drive its expansion. His extensive experience will be invaluable in driving TWS Partners’ business development and contributing to the overall success of the company.

About TWS Partners

TWS Partners is the leading economic strategy consultancy. As an expert in applied game theory, TWS Partners supports companies in making strategic decisions in the areas of procurement, corporate strategy, M&A, sales & marketing and human resources.

With offices in Munich, London, Berlin, Utrecht and Zurich more than 100 experts worldwide advise companies from almost all industries – from the automotive and telecommunications industries to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. The methodology, which is based on Nobel Prize-winning research in the fields of game theory and industrial economics, enables companies to make business decisions with a high degree of certainty and to sustainably increase their performance.