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B2C sales and marketing

B2C sales and marketing

How can Behavioural Economics help?

Since the 1960s, Behavioural economists have been determining exactly how people will react to a varying set of stimuli. An obvious application for this knowledge is in marketing, sales and consumer messaging – whenever you have consumer communications or interactions, we can apply behavioural insights to ensure that you obtain the best possible responses.

This will allow for enhanced marketing impact, smoother client interactions, better customer retention, and any number of further improvements – Behavioural Economics is broadly applicable and can be used in any of your customer interaction activities.


The simplest way to apply Behavioural Economics is in website design. We can examine your existing or proposed customer interfaces and optimise them from a behavioural perspective – helping you in improving your conversion rates.

When dealing with questions regarding the conversion optimisation and UX of websites, we also collaborate with the agency LEAP/ Digital Marketing.