July 10, 2020

Next webinar: Negotiating in disruptive times

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Our next webinar will be on 29 September, 3 pm CET / 2 pm BST:

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Disruptions as a result of Brexit, trade wars and now Covid-19 are threatening to destabilise the global economy and generate new barriers to trade.

All these developments severely challenge companies’ previous planning assumptions and require them to react. Procurement and supply chain professionals need to be able to rapidly adjust to changing market conditions in order to protect their companies’ competitiveness – short and mid-term. For most organisations, this means they will have to renegotiate major supply chain agreements and commercial arrangements and incremental improvements do not suffice anymore. Companies need to renegotiate better deals than their competitors to come out ahead of the competition.

In our webinar, we explain how you can leverage game-theoretical concepts and insights from economics to structure complex (bilateral) negotiations and work towards a “desired state”, securing short-term results while protecting long-term competitiveness. The power of these concepts is demonstrated using a recent high-stakes negotiation between Intel and Apple, which took place mid-2019. By leveraging the promoted concepts, Intel – the clear underdog – changed the game in its favor and secured the best possible outcome.

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