October 8, 2020

Next webinar: Negotiation of non-price elements

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Our next webinar will be on 15 October, 3 pm CET / 2 pm BST:

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In Procurement activities, numerous non-commercial factors typically play a role in the sourcing decision. However, most organisations don’t have the means nor the resources needed to finalise all relevant negotiations before or latest at the time of supplier nomination.

The typical approach is therefore to divide the problem into two main streams: while the vast majority of technical and commercial aspects have been agreed on at the point of supplier nomination, many non-commercial factors, such as contract negotiations, are covered afterwards. This leaves open ends and therefore opportunities for the selected supplier to leverage their position in required post-nomination negotiations.

The webinar will introduce game-theoretically optimised tenders and show that this award-winning approach allows to incorporate all non-commercial aspects into the supplier selection process. This does not only allow for the negotiation of all elements before supplier nomination, but also increases the buyer’s bargaining power. Examples from TWS Procurement projects are used to demonstrate that this approach can deliver quicker and better results than conventional approaches.

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