April 22, 2020



Monthly game theory column

TWS Partners’ monthly game theory column for Handelsblatt was launched on Friday, 28 June 2019.

At the end of each month, Marcus Schreiber looks at current topics and the game-theoretical implications. Readers can expect to gain fresh impulses by facing new perspectives, even if they may seem controversial at the first glance.

Recent articles:

28 August 2020: Why discrimination is not only morally reprehensible but also economically unreasonable. Read the article

1 April 2020: Why economists and epidemiologists need the same thing in the corona crisis. Read the article

29 February 2020: Less traffic and emissions without any additional costs? Works with an intelligent toll. Read the article

1 February 2020: Caught in irrationality: Why nothing changes for organ donations in Germany. Read the article

27 December 2019: How to loose weight in 2020 – and what this has to do with CO2 prices. Read the article

29 November 2019: Why the amount of the minimum wage should be limited. Read the article

25 October 2109: Brexit: What negotiators can learn from Boris Johnson. Read the article

27 September 2019: Merkel’s flecked donkey: How economics is ignored in the climate debate. Read the article

30 August 2019: How economics can make systems more efficient – and can even improve your emotional state. Matching markets could optimally allocate job candidates and nursery spots (and even singles). Read the article

29 July 2019: The robber barons of electromobility. Why an active market design by the government is needed to avoid dependencies and shift the power balance in favour of European automotive manufacturers. Read the article

28 June 2019: Spread certificates, not ideologies! The first article of the column is a plea for emission certificates – instead of ideologies. Read the article