September 7, 2023

Upcoming Event: Unlocking Procurement Best Practices for PPAs: Game Theory Meets Energy Economics

The energy crisis has made energy sourcing a top priority for corporate purchasers. Green power purchase agreements (PPAs) are becoming the standard for buying renewable energy, with significant financial implications. Successful PPA projects require a blend of energy economics knowledge and process optimization, often lacking in practice.

Join the Workshop with enervis and TWS Partners and learn:

  • How to understand game theoretical approaches to sourcing
  • Best practices in purchasing strategy from other industries
  • Lessons learned from sourcing PPAs
  • Wednesday 8 November, 10:00-12:00 (CET)

Julius Ecke, enervis

Simon Rau, enervis

Dr. Stephan Knapek, TWS

Andreas Engel, TWS

  • Intro (15 min)
  • A game theoretical view on PPA sourcing: Methods and success drivers (TWS, 30 min)
  • PPA sourcing in practice: Approaches and lessons learned (enervis, 30 min)
  • Best practice PPA sourcing & game theory (TWS enervis, 25 min)
  • Discussion (20 min)