May 16, 2022

New digital solutions SaaS spin-off: TWS Partners introduces nnamu

Game theory in procurement more widely applicable than ever before

TWS Partners is proud to present our new subsidiary nnamu.

Through AI-based procurement software solutions, nnamu makes the TWS game theory methodology more widely applicable than ever before.

Various types of strategy advisors, which cover different areas of awarding and process control, provide concrete recommendations that can be implemented and guarantee a standard level of data quality and documentation. A special form of such a Strategy Advisor is the Negotiation Bot, which not only suggests negotiation rules / negotiation designs for multilateral sourcing projects but also implements them fully automatically. The goal is to support and improve buyers’ decisions through intelligent, self-learning systems.

Visit nnamu’s website

Meet nnamu and join the world premiere of the Negotition Bot at the BME eLÖSUNGSTAGE on 31 May & 1 June in Düsseldorf: information & registration.