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We improve the results of M&A transactions significantly

It’s our game-theoretical concepts that make the difference - often worth millions of Euros!

What we do is nothing less than bring your negotiation processes into the 21st century. As a result, the added value that we create for our clients is enormous. The levels of improved efficiency resulting from our negotiations are usually of double-digits in percentage terms. It therefore pays handsomely to work with us. Not only does our scientific approach create immediate value benefits for you, it also helps to increase the probability of transactions closing and to reduce conflict of interest due to the separate steps of the negotiation process being communicated clearly and transparently. Also, based on our long-term experience with large corporates, we can help you to coordinate internal M&A processes and transactions, and to systematically steer external communication.

We have applied our methodology to hundreds of transactions and negotiation processes – it works! And this is how it applies in the context of acquisitions and divestments.

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further information


Performance of Private Equity-Fonds

Our game theoretical approach is ideally suited to generate significant added value throughout the entire life cycle of an investment.

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